I'm Tennille and I was BORN to boogie. 

As the Founder of Melbourne dance school Born to Boogie Dance Connection, I know all too well the joy that dance gives and the need our world has to keep doing what lights us up. With so much uncertainty in our world, if nothing else, dancing keeps us connected in our bodies and makes us feel happy.

In 2020 I started Born to Boogie Designs as a clothing brand dedicated to creating fun & functional clothing to remind ourselves of what makes us happy and to encourage more of the world keep on dancing!

And being born to boogie is a statement so many people of the world can relate to.

If dancing makes you happy, you're born to boogie.

If the music comes on and you can't help but move, you're born to boogie.

If you're the first and last on the d-floor for a night out, you're born to boogie.

And I want to spread the message where we can say it loud and proud on a cute T-shirt!  

So whether you're a dance class devotee, a TikTok enthusiast, an aspiring backup dancer for Beyonce, or you just love a good boogie on the dance floor, one thing is for sure, you're born to boogie, baby!


Tennille Chambers, Born to Boogie Designs, 2020

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